Linda Stebbins(non-registered)
Your pics are great! Love the action shots!
Cathy Stampe(non-registered)
Wow - is all I can say! You took some amazing shots! Thank you so much for coming to GJ, CO for the Woofers flyball tournament.
Linda Watson
Thank you for the fantastic pictures!
Betsey Bretton(non-registered)
Thanks for the great photos! I can't take pics of my own dogs (!) and each one is a wonderful reminder of the fun we have!
Stephanie Kouretsos
Hi Evelyn you have once again taken some lovely photographs of all the dogs at the VVKC trial last weekend. I've saved my favorites will probably purchase all of them in some format..
And you also took pictures on Saturday as well.

Thank you for these.
judy ekdahl(non-registered)
Great pictures @ Wags for Wishes
Stephanie Kouretsos(non-registered)
The pictures are just fabulous..had I known you were at the trial I would have liked to have you photographed head shots of my time your in Abq for one of our trials please let me know.
Jen w and Pepper(non-registered)
Your phots were fabulous and I hope to see you out at more of the agility trails.
Jen (H) W.(non-registered)
Wow! Evelyn I didn't know that you are such an excellent photographer. I especially enjoyed your New Mexico set--very Georgia O'Keefe. Your prices seem reasonable, too, so hopefully your business will take off. Make sure the images are visible on the WWW so they show up in Google Image searches.

All the best!
Donna Sloan(non-registered)
Great web site, beautiful picture's, and a great job Evelyn.
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